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Welcome to the Sega Saturn NetLink League
-The last NetLink online gaming league

The Sega Saturn Netlink League has been established to provide an online league for NetLink players. Over the last 2 years, all NetLink sites have been either shut down or not updated. But there are still NetLinkers out there, and some great NetLink games. This site has been created to run fast for NetLinkers, with few pictures. My nickname is Xranger60.
New design is up!

Hey everybody, welcome to the new Sega Saturn NetLink League homepage! My nickname is Xranger60, and I am the league founder. This new design was provided by league member Tim Herr, and even works flawlessly on the NetLink and Dreamcast browsers. Additionally, the Join form now works if you are using a PlanetWeb browser!

On another note, two of the current matches have yet to be completed. If you have not yet played your match, please get in contact with your opponent soon! If the matches are not completed soon, they may have to be forfeited. Click on over to the Matchups page to see the results of the completed matches.

NetLink Games
  • Daytona CCE Championship Edition: Not many people have this game for NetLink. I think this was only available through Sega's online store.
  • Duke Nukem 3D: A great shooter for NetLink play. Basic graphics but lots of fun online.
  • Saturn Bomberman: One of the best games for saturn, and one of the best online netlink games.
  • Sega Rally: Cool racing game for netlink.
  • Virtual On: Cool mech fighting game.
Most NetLinkers have Sega Rally, Saturn Bomberman, Duke Nukem, and Virtual On.
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